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Meet The Stars

Dj Bolt

 Dj Bolt

I’ve always been a great fan of music – and going out on the gay club scene during the 90s was a great way to get exposure to all the great music around. I’d spend most of my hard earned cash on buying CDs, and have a huge catalogue of 1000s of CDs from back then. Luckily now I can just go online and purchase a digital track (thank god, as I was running out of space to store any more CDs). When I mix, I usually just go for music with wide appeal and try to make my transitions as seamless as possible. Nothing fancy – just good fun music that you can listen to over and over again.






Dj Justin Scott

World famous DJ – Justin Scott

joins the team from Disco On The Green regularly, and adds a dash of musical genius to the music program, with his in demand DJ skills giving us the latest tunes to balance out all tastes and fetish for 80′s cheese. Justin has residencies across Sydney, including the Midnight Shift, Stonewall Hotel, Arq Nightclub, Mardi Gras, Imperial Hotel, Columbian Hotel, and Major Overseas Gigs . He travels the country and the globe performing behind the decks of the some of the world’s biggest clubs, and we are proud as punch to have him





Dj Ophelia Shaft Miss Ophelia Shaft,

is new to the scene but her unique disco retro style will be a huge please for everyone. With some new venues under her belt we just loved her style and choice of music and new she would be a huge crowed pleaser.  Join Ophelia for some great tunes to have your hips swinging like never before.






Beverly buttercup

Beverly Buttercup

The queen of Outer west Sydney, her delights of miming and fun choices of music will have you enjoying the afternoon. Join Bev on Facebook for more details





Koko D'Vine

Koko D’Vine

Another familiar face from the Sydney Drag Scene. With great vocals she will sing a disco track like you have never heard before as well as joining Sandy in a great group number. Her talents include New Zealand Idol, Stonewall, Canberra, and Mardi Gras. Join Koko online at Facebook.






Sandy Bottom

Miss Sandy Bottom

Your host and entertainment director, check out all her details at

her famous singing and cabaret style will have you in stitches all day long. Join her on the Green for a little Disco Action.







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