Disco On The Green 2022 - Lets Get Outdoors For 2022

Covid Friendly Fun – For all the family. 

Disco On the Green is a new event launched this 2012 as a community fundraiser for the Glbti Community and all there friends and locals. All profits raised from this function will be returned back to the club and to local LGBTIQ Charities towards upgrading, improving and saving this club which is made from directors and friends of the Glbti Community. “A Little Gay”, “Disco on the Green” has been created by Sandy Bottom who is a familiar face of Sydney, The Inner west and Outer West Communities. Her passion for a fun day event for everyone with great music, brilliant entertainment and fun dancing for everyone in a safe environment. Disco On The Green, is designed for every person, from anywhere at any age, to be full of colour, laughter, and most of all be themselves in a non threatening loving environment. “This event will take place only a couple of times a year, sometime just at Mardi Gras” said Sandy, “and may change venues in the future depending on circumstances, I hope that everyone will get involved, join us and have a great time”. Tickets are set at a low price (Mostly only with a donation), drinks are set at an affordable price and great food will be also available. So get your family together for a camp time this year at Disco On The Green.